About Us - Astral leather

About Us

Astral Leather is part of the Julian Simon Group of companies which is based in Edmonton Canada and has tanning operations in Africa.

Our processing facilities use the hundred year old traditional methods for processing and curing all of our leather. This has helped us to ensure that our leather products adhere to international standards in order to meet our customers needs.

The hides and skins used in our processing facilities are sourced from Free Range, GMO-free, Organic, and Sustainable sources. Our values on corporate responsibility are also extended to our tannery operations where we ensure that we use environmentally friendly methods to process our hides.

We process an extensive variety of exotic Game hides such as Elephant, Crocodile, Ostrich, and Zebra to name a few. These hides can be supplied at the Wet Blue or Wet White stage of leather production, or all the way to finished leather based our customers’ requirements.

About Us - Astral leather

Our Value Proposition - Astral leather

Our Value Proposition

Southern African hides have historically been viewed as some of the best hides in the world due to their size and quality. We continue to uphold this view by ensuring that our hides are processed to the highest International quality standards.

Our In-house formulated tanning recipes are tailored specifically for Southern African hides and skins to ensure that we bring out their best attributes in order to meet our customers needs. Our Leather products are competitively priced with pricing dependent on grade and quantities.

Situated in Africa our tanneries are well positioned to source these highly sort after hides and process them for supply into the international market. We source hides from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and Sudan with the ability of securing more markets if required

Our Value Proposition - Astral leather
Tannery Operation - Astral leather

Tannery Operations - Astral leather

Tannery Operations

Astral Leather currently has tannery operations in Zimbabwe and another Tannery in Botswana set to come on online in the middle of 2022.

At full capacity our tanning operation can process 54 000 hides a month and we have the capability to produce both Cattle and Game skin hides.

Once our second tannery in Botswana comes on line our capacity will be increased to over 90 000 hides a month.

The group is currently looking at other tannery acquisitions in several African countries which will help us further in creaseour capacity and capabilities.

What We Offer - Astral leather

What We Offer

Types of Hides - Astral leather

Types of Hides

Astral Leather has a wide range of animal hides that we work with and these can be processed to various types of leather finish based on the requirements of our customers.

Our tanneries have the capability to process the following types of skins and hides:









Plain Game e.g. Impala, Kudu, Spring Bok etc

Types of Finishes - Astral leather

Types of Finishes

Our tannery operations have the capability to process animal skins and hides to various finishes at our customers request

Our various types of skins and hides can be processed to the following types of leather finishes:

Wet Blue


Wet White


Our hides can be supplied at various quality grades i.e. from A to D grade dependent on the customers end use needs. We also finish to various thickness depending on the product and we provide Gloss Full Grain, Corrected Grain and Distressed Leathers.